iGlide and Connect Print


Is an IOS navigation app that can be loaded on an iphone or ipad for use in flight.  It comes pre-loaded with worldwide data and is purchased directly from the Apple Appstore.


Air Connect

Is an interface module that connects via a DB9 serial port to your flight computer and then wirelessly sends the air data from the flight computer to your iphone or other mobile device by creating an IEEE802.11 b/g WiFi® network and transmits RS232 data via the TCP/IP protocol.

air connect

It features one central Power/Data connector (D-SUB 9) and a standard SMA antenna connector including a small quarter-wave antenna. Butterfly connect is supplied by a DC source in the range of 8V to 32V and typically consumes less than 100mA.

Price: 110 €

Compatible iOS Apps:

  • iGlide
  • iPilot
  • FreeFlight
  • SkyMap
  • FlyMap
  • SkyDemon
  • WinPilot

Compatible Android Apps:

  • SkyMap
  • FlyMap
  • SkyDemon